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Bail Hearings

A bail hearing should not be taken lightly, even if the charges appear minor.

What You Need To Know:

After being arrested, the police may decide to release an individual directly from their custody, with or without conditions. When the police choose not to do this, or when an individual does not agree to conditions, they must be brought before a Judge or Justice of the Peace to deal with the issue of bail. This appearance should occur within 24 hours.

A bail hearing should not be taken lightly, even if the charges appear minor.

Adam works with potential sureties in developing a solid bail plan and communicates with those in custody about the entire bail process.


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Preparing For Bail

The assistance of a criminal lawyer is necessary at a bail hearing.

This lawyer can be privately hired counsel or free duty counsel lawyers who are present at the courthouse. The decision on whether to hire private counsel or duty counsel is a personal one.

Good To Know:

The Plan of Release:

Preparing a plan of release is a highly-individualized process that factors in personal details of the accused such as age, work history, education, place of residence, criminal record, drug or alcohol problems, mental health issues, etc.


The Sureties

It is always best to have a responsible individual that is prepared to help supervise the accused. In some cases, more than one surety may be necessary or advisable. In addition to assisting with supervision, a surety will either pledge or deposit an amount of money which can be lost should an accused breach the conditions of their release and the Crown decides to estreat the bail.

Important to Know:

The Decision and Review

Once all sureties have given evidence, both the Crown and defence counsel will make submissions on whether the accused can be released.

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