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Having to hire a defense attorney can be extremely stressful, both emotionally and financially. Adam Goodman has the necessary experience to be resourceful, aggressive & relentless in defending your case.


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Adam has dealt with a variety of cases throughout his many years of experience in criminal law and knows how to present the best possible case for your matter. Here are some areas that he specializes in to support you. Click on each area to learn more!

Our Process

Adam prides himself on open communication and strongly believes in consulting
with his clients during all stages of their legal matter.

Initial Consultation

The first meeting with your lawyer is as much an interview as it is a consultation. It is important that we are all...

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Preparation Process

During this process I would be happy to communicate by telephone or email so you have a full understanding of what...

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Trial or Hearing Support

Should your matter proceed to trial or hearing, I will have made myself available to be present and focus on...

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