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Education / Academic Legal Matter

Facing any kind of disciplinary procedure can be extremely stressful and confusing for both a child, student, and parent.

You do not have to go alone. You and/or your child’s education is paramount and not being fully prepared can put you and/or child’s future at great risk.

What You Need To Know:

A lawyer will be able to properly review institutional policies and procedures, discuss the evidence with the individual accused of an offence, negotiate with university/college officials, and provide representation at both informal meetings and formal hearings.

It is not uncommon to hire a lawyer for assistance with these procedures.

Let Adam Goodman help you. Adam Goodman practices in education matters throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Adam has the necessary experience in these education matters to be resourceful, aggressive & relentless in presenting the best possible case to the education officials.


Contact us for a consultation with Adam Goodman and see how we can protect you and your loved ones.

When Do You Need Legal Representation?

Regardless of your education matter, it is important that you have legal guidance, in order to make sure you present the best possible case for yourself and/or your child.

Those attending academic institutions, including elementary and secondary schools and post-secondary universities and colleges, may face a number of different disciplinary procedures resulting from different acts. This may include behavioural infractions or academic impropriety (plagiarism). In all cases, one should be represented by an experienced education lawyer before the relevant tribunal or hearing.

Good To Know:

The Administration

A lawyer will assist with the many administrative requirements of defending any claims against your matter. Unlike the criminal law which has standardized legislation, post-secondary institutions will have different policies and procedures to deal with such offences. These can often be found in guidebooks or on the web site of the institution and can be super confusing.


Important Research

An experienced education law firm will do the necessary research on the school’s legislation and make sure we have all your T’s crossed and I’s dotted before any board meeting. More importantly, a education lawyer will prepare all the right documents on your behalf, negotiate with the opposing party or parties’, as well as provide representation at both informal meetings and formal hearings.

Results To Know:

Disciplinary Proceedings

Often disciplinary proceedings are a result of these two reasons:
- Suspension/Expulsion Procedures
- Post-Secondary Academic Disciplinary Procedures

What Comes Next?
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