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Quick Note on G20 court proceedings – officer testimony coming soon

Yesterday I attended court at 2201 Finch to set a trial date for a client arrested on a G20 matter.  These administrative appearances are occurring in courtroom #205 and are now mixed-in with regular “practice court” proceedings.  There is a separate Crown present to deal with G20 proceedings from the “guns & gangs” unit.  These appearances occur on Fridays.  This court is presided over by a Judge.  In most cases these adminstrative appearances would be presided over by a Justice of the Peace.

Matters still proceeding through the courts are being scheduled for a judicial pre-trial with Regional Senior Justice Robert Bigelow who has been case-managing the G20 matters.  Trials are being set in courthouses across the city based on courtroom availability.  This differs from the norm where trials take place in specific courthouses based on geographic location and other common factors.

Trials will be beginning in the new year.  There will likely be numerous Charter motions brought before the trial judges.  Officers will have to testify, under oath or affirmation, and will be subject to cross-examination by defence counsel.  This will be very interesting as it will be the first time, to my knowledge, police officers will be making statements in the public domain about their G20 experiences.

The trials will be presided over by Justices of the Ontario Court of Justice.  I do not know of any matters, at this point, that are likely to be proceeding to Superior Court, although I expect there will be some down the road.

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