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Feel Good Friday: Puppies and Law School Exams

Law school can be stressful.  When exam times come around things can become very stressful.

What is a great de-stresser?  According to George Mason law school:  puppies.

According to this article from the Washington Post, the school arranged to have 15 homeless puppies spend a few hours at the school with students.

Dogs have been used for therapeutic purposes in hospitals for years.  There are even programs where they are used in prisons such as a prison dog training program which was covered on Oprah.

As both a dog person and law school graduate, I see this as a great idea.  Perhaps some Canadian law schools will follow suit.

Adam Goodman is a lawyer practicing in Toronto, Ontario.  The focus of his practice is on criminal defence.  Please feel free to visit Adam’s web site at www.aglaw.ca. or contact him at 416-477-6793.