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100,000+ Aeroplan miles

Over the past few years, through some flights, some promotions, setting up a law practice, and a little bit of reckless spending, I’ve passed the century mark in Aeroplan miles.

Now it’s time to do something with them.

As is the problem with Aeroplan flights, I need to book well in advance to get a seat at the actual rate, and I’ll be stuck paying a little bit of tax. Personally I want value – don’t want to use miles when I can get a good deal for cash (as an example, there are cheap Charters to Europe often available), although the price of a companion ticket needs to be factored in.

I’m thinking Hawaii. Good value at 40k miles, taxes are relatively cheap, and there are seats available for the Winter. I’ve also always wanted to go on a Caribbean cruise and can use the miles to get to the port. Australia/New Zealand has also been suggested, although that’s one major trip.

Looking for some suggestions.